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We're moving to E-mail
Written by Paul (Team Member)   
Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00

We've rebranded ourselves to ‘ARK’ and have put together a new website which will support you a whole lot better!

Some of you may be asking why, well here’s a bit of history! The JoomlaCK Editor was officially launched in September 2005 on with the aim of providing a user friendly HTML editor and was the 90th extension to be listed.  Some years later Joomla set about protecting their name brand. The knock on affect meant that our products name was abbreviated from ‘JoomlaCK’ to ‘JCK’.  As you can see this wasn’t our ideal but nevertheless we realised that there was good reason for this change of direction.

We are about to release the 7th series and with this an exciting set of new extensions will evolve around frontend editing.  This means that the 7th will now be called the ARK Editor, while the 6th series will still use ‘JCK’ until it reaches its end-of-life.

New Branding

Here are a few new extension icons that follow our new branding.


Frontend editing for Joomla is finally here! E-mail
Written by Paul (Team Member)   
Thursday, 13 November 2014 13:34

We are proud to announce the release of true frontend editing for Joomla like you've never experienced before.

Full of astonishing new features this beta release has been rebuilt from the ground up and after a year of development and testing we offer Joomla's first fully frontend inline editor - The Ark Editor.

Incorporating the profound new inline editing technology the Ark Editor allows it's users to edit website elements directly on the page without the need for any administrator editing screens. As the first of its kind for Joomla the Ark Editor simplifies the administration of websites by making them incredibly easy to edit!

6.5.9 and a sneek peak of what's in store. E-mail
Written by Paul (Team Member)   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 15:08

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of version 6.5.9. This is a maintenance release which contains a few important fixes. Please see Change logs for more information on this.


Inline editing and the 7th series

Over the last year we’ve been working away on rebuilding of our famous WYSIWYG editor. It now takes into account many of the things our users have mentioned. For the first time in history it brings some awesome new features to the Joomla world with inline editing! This means that you will soon be able to edit your content directly without the need for a special editing screen.

Here is a sneak preview of the editor in its Inline mode:

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