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Written by Paul (Team Member)   
Friday, 02 August 2013 00:00

JCK Editor 6.5x

We are very excited to present to you the next major release of the JCK Editor!

It’s more versatile coming packaged with 8 core languages ready for you to use right out-of-the-box! It’s more user-friendly with our new file browser auto-launch feature and more innovative with the new magic-line tool.


Multilingual support

For the first time the JCK Editor comes packaged with 8 core languages ready for you to use right out-of-the-box! This means that it is ready to use in: German, French, Spanish, Finish, Italian, Dutch and Russian!

The manager and editor language support can be extended using Joomla by creating your own language pack. Please see:

We also allow you to override the JCK editor’s core plugin language files. This can be done using the JCK Manager and by you creating you own plugin language/override package. Please see here for more information: http://www.joomlackeditor.com/forum/42-languages. If after installing it you think that you could do better, why not create your own translation and post it on our new ‘Translations’ forum. Everything you need to know on how to do this is found there.

File browser auto-launch

Have your clients ever asked where the file manager is? Well now for the first time the editor will take you straight there by passing the "Image Properties" screen, please see below:

This new feature allows the user to configure the editor to auto-launch the file browser whenever a user clicks on a dialog that uses it such as the image dialog, flash dialog, link dialog etc. This feature is on by default. This option icon be switched on and off in the editor's parameters screen.


This plugin allows the user to create new paragraphs into spaces where normally it would be impossible to reach. So for example, placing the cursor above a table at the beginning of the document. It provides a way for the user to easily break out of a DIV container. Just remember when the magic line above appears, you need click on the arrow button to add a new paragraph. 

Thanks to this plugin, a number of difficult focus spaces which were inaccessible due to browser issues can now be focused.

Native background image support for tables

 A background image can now be added to a table or table cell via the inbuilt file browser or JCK Explorer. Background position and background repeat is also configurable.

JavaScript minifcation

JavaScript minifcation is now by default applied to all JavaScript that is outputted by the JCK Framework. This should further optimize the editor and increase speed and performance. This feature is configurable and can be switched on and off in the editor's parameters screen. So its equipped to circumvent problems and maximise the editor’s potential.


So without further ado, we are proud to present you with version 6.5 of  the JCK Editor Suite:

One Suite, one download, one installation!




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