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Files: 3

These plug-ins add functionality such as audio and video capability to the JCK Editor.

  • JCK Media Embed
  • JCK AllVideos Bridge Plugin
  • JCK 1Pixelout Bridge Plugin



Files: 5

Here you will find an assortment of JCK plug-ins which aims to unleash your creativity in editing, developing and inserting your code.

  • CKcss Inline CSS Editor
  • PHP-Code
  • JS-code
  • Insert HTML
  • {} CodeMirror



Files: 2

The repository contains plug-ins that will allow you to incorporate external content such a Google Map and iFrame into your website.

  • JCK Gmap
  • JCK iFrame



Files: 4

This repository includes a collection of plug-ins which will enhance the editor’s file management capabilities and bring photo editing to the JCK Editor.

  • Image Manager & Photo Editor
  • JDocLink
  • Image Resize



Files: 7

jTreeLink lets you quickly link to articles, nested categories and menus by default. This repository contains a collection of jTreelink plugins which will extent the editor's internal linking support to many 3rd party extensions.

  • JCK Modal Plugin
  • Web Links
  • Zoo
  • Contacts
  • K2
  • Jdownload
  • Virtuemart



Files: 2

A collection of spelling and grammar checking plug-ins for the JCK Editor. Here you will finds plug-ins that will help you with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

  •  After the Deadline
  •  Aspell



Files: 7

The repository contains several plug-in which enhance WYSIWYG editing capabilities of the editor. This includes Word Count, Versioning control, & Article preview etc...

  • Lorem Ipsum plugin
  • Article preview
  • jAutoSave
  • JCK Snapshot Manager
  • File Icon
  • JCK Word Count Inspector
  • Jlink



Files: 2

The repository contains web accessible plug-ins which aims to make the editing usable by people of all abilities, disabilities and languages.

  • Text Translator
  • Zoom



Files: 2

The repository contains plug-ins that add image gallery capabilities to the JCK Editor.

  • Lightbox
  • JCK Simple Gallery Bridge



Files: 2

A repository contains of plugin for content templating

  • JCK Templates for Joomla 3.0
  • JCK Templates



Files: 9

A repository of helpful tweaks and additions:

  • Image Webkit Drag
  • Responsive images
  • Remove Paste
  • Disable file upload
  • Joomla 1.5 SEF base path fix
  • Joomla input filter override
  • JCK 3.4 break Joomthumbnail fix
  • Removes Scrollbar when a padding or a margin style has been applied to the html tag.


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