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Installation Guide v3
System Requirements
Setup Wizard: Health Cheak
Setup Wizard: Editing Area
Setup Wizard: User Folders
Setup Wizard: Editing styles - Quick
Setup Wizard: Editing styles - Hybrid
Editing Styles : Bring the editor in line with your styles
Setup Wizard: Creating a editor.css file
Joomla Configuration: Enabling plug-ins
Joomla Configuration: Setting the editor as default
Joomla Configuration: Joomla User Accounts
Joomla Configuration: Text Filtering
JCK Manager: Plugin Manager
JCK Manager: Plugin Permissions
JCK Manager: Installing JCK Plugins
JCK Manager: Layout Manager
JCK Manager: Toolbar Assignment
JCK Manager: System Check
JCK Manager: Backup and Restore
JCK Manager: Upgrading - Automatic update process
JCK Manager: Upgrading - Using Joomla's Installer
JCK Manager: Upgrading JCK Plugins
JCK Manager: Sync
JCK Manager: Uninstalling
JCK Editor: Configuration Options
Troubleshooting - (Content being stripped away)
Troubleshooting - (Warning: the JCK Editor cannot find a default template.css...)
Troubleshooting - (File Browsers, Internal Linking and Install Wizard)
Troubleshooting - (File permissions)
Troubleshooting - (.htaccess & Admin Tools from Akeeba)
Troubleshooting - (Slow Performance)
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User Manual

Date: 22/01/2013
Version: 3.0
License: Creative Commons


The JCK Editor is built upon a plug-and-play framework; which means that you can customise and shape the editor in virtually any direction! The ability to do this happens via the JCK Manager which is a component for Joomla!™, this allows for further expansion of the editor with "JCK Plugins".

These 3 parts make up the JCK framework:

The JCK Framework

JCK Editor

The JCK Editor is a standalone plug-in for Joomla!™. It comes preconfigured & is not dependent upon any 3rd party extensions to work! This means that you can use it without the JCK Manager for simple site deployments.

JCK Manager

The JCK Manager opens up a world of possibilities! In it simplest form it is a way of effortlessly customising the JCK Editor without programming knowledge! In other words it allows control over the editor’s layouts, toolbars, buttons, parameters and plugin's with the ability to create back-up's and expand the editor with additional JCK Plugin's.

JCK Plugin's

A JCK plugin is a application that is designed to be used entirely within the editor. These are installed into the Editor via the JCK Manager and will allow you to do things like create galleries, edit photos, link to 3rd party extensions and add audio and video clips to your web-pages.


Putting it all together:

Below is a helpful document map of the JCK Framework. It displays how each on the 3 main parts are installed and work together. The framework is based on modern object-oriented design pattern that makes it highly maintainable and easily extendable. In principle any element can be updated without affecting the other parts.

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