We've rebranded ourselves to ‘ARK’ and have put together a new website which will support you a whole lot better!

When we are ready we’ll send out a special discount to our existing subscribers for the ARK Editor
and move everyone across so you won't lose out!

We've rebranded ourselves to ‘ARK’ and have put together a new website @ arkextensions.com which will support you a whole lot better!

Some of you may be asking why, well here’s a bit of history! The JoomlaCK Editor was officially launched in September 2005 on extensions.joomla.org with the aim of providing a user friendly HTML editor and was the 90th extension to be listed.  Some years later Joomla set about protecting their name brand. The knock on affect meant that our products name was abbreviated from ‘JoomlaCK’ to ‘JCK’.  As you can see this wasn’t our ideal but nevertheless we realised that there was good reason for this change of direction.

We are about to release the 7th series and with this an exciting set of new extensions will evolve around frontend editing.  This means that the 7th will now be called the ARK Editor, while the 6th series will still use ‘JCK’ until it reaches its end-of-life.

New Branding

Here are a few new extension icons that follow our new branding.



Membership Features

Full access to the Plug-in Store

Plug-ins are the cornerstone of customisation, letting you personalize your editing experience. These apps can be used to quickly and simply expand the functionality of the editor and with the largest growing extension base, you'll be able - to do much more…

Access to upgrade patches & fixes

If you are a paying subscriber you can access our patches as soon as they are available! These fixes are packaged as upgrade scripts and can be applied quickly on a 3 click installation.

Forum Support

For those who require direct access to us we have a professional support area on forums. Our support staff are on hand to help from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT time.


Ticketing System

If you are a Business user you can choose to email us directly via our Ticketing System. We are here to help and answer questions within the GMT business day.

Professional Services

On-(Web)site Assessment

We will work with you to find a speedy solution via the Ticketing System, if not we will login and take a look! In 90% of instances we will be able to fix it while viewing your configuration, if not we will detail our finding with the best way forward!

The Developers Club

The Developers Club is a must have for any active Web Developer! It pays for itself if you use the editor commercially on 4 sites or more. Most of our business customers buy a subscription for (€65) for each site they are developing. After only 4 sites, the Developers Club would make you a saving of €10, after 10 sites it would make you a incredible saving of €400!

CKEditor Development Work

Customising the editor with plug-ins can be a great way in delivering a high-end and user-friendly system! We have developed a wide rang of custom plug-ins and believe that our services maybe of interest to you? To make an enquiry please feel welcome to contact us directly at our home - webxsolution.com.


Free Membership

It’s a no-risk offer, allowing to you to download and try a free fully working version. It’s an offer you can’t refuse! This will grant you access to our editor and some of our free extensions and permission to the open community support part of our forums. Click here to - register.

PayPal & 2CO Payment

This is the standard one-off PayPal or 2checkout payment. You can pay with an existing PayPal account or your Credit Card.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe that the JoomlaCK Editor is best in its class however; if you are not happy with it we are committed to offer full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Read more...

Buy With 3 Easy Steps

1. Select a package,
2. Pay via Paypal,
3. Download immediately from our site.

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